Virtual Tour marketing technology helps showcase new digital hub offices in Swindon

Virtual Tour marketing technology helps showcase new digital hub offices in Swindon

WORKSHED is a new digital, creative and tech office hub located in Swindon Town Centre. In fact, it is the new home of The Carto Group.

Funded by Swindon Borough Council and managed by Wiltshire Council, the WORKSHED (situated inside the Carriage Works within Swindon’s heritage quarter), is a high end, collaborative workspace for like-minded digital companies and people. It’s the first office of this kind in the borough, and the space does not disappoint.

To ensure that the new shiny offices and event space is showcased and marketed in the best way possible, Paul Chamberlain of Swindon Borough Council, commissioned TCG to undertake one of our Virtual Tour Service’s. The Virtual Tour Service (VTS) is a high end, 4k resolution camera that takes 360 images of a space and stitches them together using cloud technology. The end result is a seamless, interactive, walkthrough of the space, as if you were actually there, accessed simply through a web link.

Being new tenants of the building, we could not resist this opportunity, and quickly got to work, moving around the 3 floors of upmarket offices and co-working space, ensuring we included the state-of-the-art meeting space too. The VTS took us approximately 2 hours with some processing time afterwards, so was quick, efficient and safe without causing any disruption to the tenants.

You are able to view the WORKSHED VTS here, and we fully recommend that you have a good ‘walk’ around. If you have pair of consumer grade Virtual Reality (VR) goggles or Google Cardboard, you can also fully immersive yourself within the application and offices!

Our Virtual Tours have been making a big splash recently with the commercial real estate sector, and we also now deliver Augmented Reality (AR) services to aid the marketing of large commercial space around the region.

Go on, have a play and feel free to send us your comments over social media!

If you are interested in a Virtual Tour of your commercial or residential space, please drop us an email at [email protected]

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