Are You Adopting Cloud and Open Technology for Your GIS Strategy?


Are You Adopting Cloud and Open Technology for Your GIS Strategy?

The past couple of months at CartoConsult have been manic, good manic of course.

Since we launched our cloud ‘Managed GIS Services’, our commercially supported ‘open’ GIS offering, requests from clients to migrate have been on the rise. CartoConsult (despite the name) have moved into the Software-as-a-Service business, packaging up our already respected, forward thinking, GIS consultancy, into cloud based software, where we can answer a client’s challenge through digital mapping tools, directly through a browser, in 2D or 3D. Our consultancy isn’t dead, we just make sure we provide the correct mix.

This isn’t for one specific discipline or sector either, we have applications developed for Construction, Land & New Homes, Landscape Architects, Urban Planning, Commercial Property Agents, Procurement & Supply Chain, Strategic Planning and Smart Cities.

You might be wondering why we made the move to the ‘cloud’? Here are a few reasons why we changed our strategy and went for it:

  • Market research firm Gartner states that £85 billion worth of IT spending will shift to the Cloud in 2016, and the number will almost double to £166 billion by 2020. These are big numbers!
  • Consumers will store more than a third of their data in the cloud by 2016
  • The Cloud means that even micro and SME businesses can access the power of GIS applications, being nimble, efficient and cost-effective
  • Scalability, flexibility and the ability to work globally

Recently, we have begun capturing feedback from partners and customers as to why they like our online software service as a complement to our consultancy. The following replies were received:

  • “No install or training of specialist GIS software in house, we have everything we need (and nothing more), directly through our internet browser, we can now solve our own problems with our industry experts using your platform”
  • “We can now provide a service that traditionally only our larger competitors could offer – we will definitely win more projects with this capability”
  • “We simply get more for our money. CartoConsult have added an unbelievable amount of value to our business and made us much more efficient, our clients love it too!”
  • “With CartoConsult, we can build the exact application we need to meet help us with our business strategy”
  • This one we really like….. “potentially, this SaaS application will revolutionise our speed of work and has the potential save millions across the framework over the next 3 years”

We are very proud of our feedback, but we know there is more work to come. Customers are now pushing us harder, to integrate real-time analytics, or manage their GIS servers (in the cloud). Now our clients are becoming familiar and comfortable with cloud computing, they want to work the systems harder and faster, store huge datasets.

At CartoConsult, we know the time is now for you to adopt the cloud for your business and strategies. We understand you might need a bit of help with understanding how to do this. We are asking you, to challenge us, to see where GIS cloud applications could improve your business efficiencies, save you money and improve profit margins.

Work smarter, with your data.

Tim Hughes

Tim Hughes, CEO, The Carto Group.

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Forward thinking and always looking to implement innovative new ideas to expand the use of GIS within our clients and partners business.

Easy to approach, friendly and always trying to deliver projects with a smile. A passion for 3D GIS for use cases you could never imagine!

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Dave Rowe

Dave Rowe, Principle Developer, The Carto Group.

About the Author

Dave is an open data advocate, always looking to deliver as much value as possible from clients data.

Microsoft Certified in cloud Azure stacks, Dave is an awesome GIS Software Engineer that takes web GIS applications to the highest level.

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