CartoConsult Head to Kuwait Esri User Conference


CartoConsult Head to Kuwait Esri User Conference

A little bit left field? Well, maybe not…

As I booked my flights to Kuwait this afternoon, it crossed my mind that some followers might be wondering why I am heading to Kuwait for an Esri User Conference, especially as the UK version is just around the corner!

There are a couple of reasons…..

  1. We have clients in the Middle East, and meetings arranged to engage (we love personal business relationships, and so do our clients and partners)
  2. I spent 3 years in the Middle East, and a couple of those working on the Third Sub-Region Master Plan for Kuwait Municipality – it is a great opportunity to head back and see what, if anything, has changed!

The first reason, is probably the best reason. At CartoConsult, we love to undertake business face-to-face where possible, to understand our client’s requirements in full so we can deliver the correct solution and give well informed advice.

The 3D GIS, Smart Cities and Big Data (yeah, I told you!) space is crowded and confused, so some quality time with our clients is time well spent to simplify workflows and solutions. We will be discussing our ‘information partnership’ with DigitalGlobe and how CartoConsult can ‘3D build’ nearly any city across the globe using satellite imagery and advanced 3D modelling skills as well as digitally capturing other built environment assets.

If you are also heading to this event, and want to talk GIS for Construction, Smart Cities, 3D software and data, I would love to meet you. Drop me an email on my contact details below.

I’ll be staying in the Radisson Blu, where the event is held, so evenings will be good to hook up over a mocktail!

Tim Hughes

Tim Hughes, CEO, The Carto Group.

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Forward thinking and always looking to implement innovative new ideas to expand the use of GIS within our clients and partners business.

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Dave Rowe

Dave Rowe, Principle Developer, The Carto Group.

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Dave is an open data advocate, always looking to deliver as much value as possible from clients data.

Microsoft Certified in cloud Azure stacks, Dave is an awesome GIS Software Engineer that takes web GIS applications to the highest level.

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