Innovative New GIS Mapping Tool for Land & New Homes Network


Innovative New GIS Mapping Tool for Land & New Homes Network

CartoConsult and Land & New Homes Network (LNHN), have agreed a partnership to deliver innovative cloud GIS mapping services to the Land & New Homes sector, and more specifically for the LNHN members.

Using CartoConsult’s cloud mapping framework, Carto3D™, phase 1 is developing an internal management network mapping tool.

Ian Stratford, MD of Land & New Homes Network says “Using GIS mapping will simplify internal working processes. A core element of the Networks proposition is that there are no overlapping geographic location areas between network members. Each Network member has a pre-defined ‘patch’, unique to them in the network, no one business is competing, which therefore promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing.”

Carto3D™ visualises the post code sectors which allows the network to define areas, confidently knowing that the area has not already been taken by an existing member. Further to this, LNHN can input all the critical data of a new member whilst on-boarding them. Members can be sure that their area on the network is secure and unique.

Build of Phase 2 is already advanced which will provide a game changer to Network members in terms of mapping solutions and presentation of highly valuable data that house builders and land owners will benefit from. Future development phases of the tool will allow the agent to have access to their own bespoke mapping portal with all the critical data to manage their network effectively.

To find out more about the Land & New Homes Network visit or to understand CartoConsult’s GIS services in more detail, please use the contact details below.

Tim Hughes

Tim Hughes, CEO, The Carto Group.

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Dave Rowe

Dave Rowe, Principle Developer, The Carto Group.

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