Nicholas Duggan Joins The Carto Group


Nicholas Duggan Joins The Carto Group

The Carto Group is pleased to announce the addition of Nicholas Duggan to the team beginning May 1.

A Chartered Geographer with the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) who has more than 15 years experience in GIS, data management, and geospatial innovation, Nicholas has consulted and provided work for most industry sectors such as offshore & onshore renewables, environmental, maritime archaeology, offshore & onshore survey, land management, public rights of way, demographic shipping, and traffic management.

Nicholas has built Asset Management Systems, Vessel Traffic (AIS) Analysis systems, Data management solutions, Enterprise Mapping solutions and worked as a primary consultant on a bespoke Shipping Risk Assessment system (NAViRA).

Nicholas has worked with ESRI systems throughout his career and has been heavily involved with QGIS,  a free and open source Geographic Information System, providing them with some fixes and documentation support, and also provides training on QGIS and ArcGIS Pro.

He is also European Editor for xyHt magazine, a geospatial magazine with a wide readership.

In one of his recent articles for xyHt, Nicholas talks about a better need for understanding of how to overcome the issues which occur in dense, built-up areas such as London, where GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) signals are reflected or frequently fall out of line of sight.

He writes: “I am a geospatial expert and can hold my own around the ins and outs of survey, so going to an event at the Ordnance Survey on “3D mapping for the improvement of GNSS in urban areas” was an eye-opener.

“You see, I went to the event as it was related to my area of expertise, 3D mapping, but came out seeing how we need more accurate information and better 3D data.”

In another blog Nicholas expands on his thoughts about augmented realities (AR) technology and expands on how the GIS industry is slowly coming around to the fact that this technology is the future.

“We must remember how people scoffed at 3D geospatial capability, and now it is supported in almost every GIS on the market,” he writes.

Joining The Carto Group

“Working with this innovative company and working with the technologies I’ve talked about regarding 3D and AR, that’s what I’m looking forward to the most.”

Also for Nicholas, working throughout whole project lifecycles will be an experience he’s happy to get on board with.

“I’ve worked on 3D and GIS projects but they’ve been bits and pieces. The Carto Group works from start to end on a project and this will be a really interesting prospect for me. I’m also hoping to do more with with the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry, which I’ve not done a lot with in the past.”

Getting The Right Expertise

For The Carto Group’s CEO Tim Hughes, the addition of Nicholas to the team is a welcome one.

He said: “From our point of view as a rapidly growing geospatial company, it’s very important that we have the technological expertise to take us to the next level and that’s something Nicholas brings to the party.

“In our quest to deliver more 3D GIS and AR projects, he brings a wealth of ideas and experience to the company. It’s about taking our technological expertise to the next level.”

Moving Forward

The Carto Group has a number of innovation projects up and running and Nicholas will be “thrown in at the deep end” on those.

Tim added: “A lot of what we’re hoping to do focuses on developing our own technology – Carto GIS Suite – which will be made available in a number of ways.

“Bringing in Nicholas’ ideas and expertise to develop the framework that’s future proof – and gets delivered to our clients and future clients – is where we see things heading next.”

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