Geospatial Data Services for 3D Applications

CartoData is geospatial data services for 3D applications that are derived from aerial imagery, satellite imagery, 3D point cloud or from third party suppliers, like Ordnance Survey.

Our geospatial data is designed for integration into 3D applications such as 3D GIS, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Accessible via cloud hosted infrastructure API’s, the data is kept up-to-date to ensure your projects are always using the latest information, producing reliable results.

Who is This For?

CartoData can be used by anyone, or any application, but is focussed on Architects, Engineers, Construction and Real Estate Professionals who are working on UK infrastructure projects.

CartoData can support small, medium and large infrastructure projects to help find development sites, get planning applications approved and help with construction and supply chain logistics ensuring the greatest efficiency and results are delivered.


The Datasets

The datasets available are as follows:
• 3D GIS Buildings
• Point of Interests
• Government Construction Pipeline Data (joined to OS MasterMap)

The data infrastructure has been designed so that they can be used in 3D applications, such as 3D GIS, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality so that they can be visualised in the immersive world.

Data Partners

• Ordnance Survey
• DigitalGlobe
• Factual
• CartoConsult
• Barbour ABI
• Land & New Homes Network

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Dave Rowe

Dave Rowe, Principle Developer, The Carto Group.

About the Author

Dave is an open data advocate, always looking to deliver as much value as possible from clients data.

Microsoft Certified in cloud Azure stacks, Dave is an awesome GIS Software Engineer that takes web GIS applications to the highest level.

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