Falcon House is a former office block in Swindon Town Centre that has stood empty for over a decade. Plans to refurbish the building are underway with the upper six floors being converted into one bedroom apartments. To support the planning and design process of the project, drawings of the building elevations and several areas of the interior were required including machine spaces and the shop floor of one of the current tenants.



Surveys had been completed of some of the interior of the building but the elevations had not been surveyed. Some areas where asbestos was previously found also required survey. The mixture of unoccupied, derelict areas and live shop floor, interior and exterior spaces made for a complex project area. Being unable to access all the areas at one time also added to the complexity of the project.

Digital mapping


To capture the required amount of data efficiently, within access timescales and with minimum disruption to the tenants in the occupied areas of the building, our surveyors opted to use laser scanning. Laser scanning provided the client with accurate data from which to design and prepare a planning application for the restoration of the building.

Digital mapping


Elevation drawings have been delivered of the 6 floors being converted into apartments. Floor plans have also been drawn up of the occupied shop floor as well as disused plant and machine spaces throughout the building.

Digital mapping

 Added Value

Laser scanning was a better solution for this project than traditional survey techniques as it provides a very rich dataset. Since completing the scanning on site, the data has been used several times to quickly complete new drawings in response to client requests.

Digital mapping
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