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CartoConsult is helping Dignity Plc expand its nationwide network of crematoria. Working for Harris Lamb, one of the UK’s largest independently owned property consultancy businesses, CartoConsult has prepared a number of Planning Policy Appraisal Maps.

These highly detailed maps draw on a number of sources and are custom designed to provide an instant, easy to use visual representation of possible sites, their surroundings and any potential constraints to development.

The CartoConsult maps are used by Harris Lamb and Dignity to identify potentially suitable locations as well as forming important supporting documentation as part of the planning application.

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Mark Alcock, Senior Town Planner at Harris Lamb, and Dignity UK had to find a way of reliably informing Local Authorities that they had exhausted all avenues for potential sites and drawn up a shortlist that took into account environmental and heritage constraints, planning policy information and local development plans.

We were able to draw on our 15 years of GIS and data experience to put together custom planning policy maps to meet the above challenge.


To meet this challenge, we went about sourcing GIS data that was either open data, or available ‘off-the-shelf’, building a feature rich geodatabase.

As part of the project, Harris Lamb and Dignity had their own custom data that they had created with their own intelligence and sources. We were able to import this data too.

Some of the mapping layers had to be created through custom digitising. Using industry standard formats and metadata we were able to accurately digitise these features and store within the ever growing geodatabase.

From this, we were able to call on our cartography skills and put together a series of intelligent, informative and eye catching smart maps.


As a result of the work carried out by CartoConsult, Harris Lamb and Dignity UK have been able to demonstrate to Local Authorities that they have selected the most suitable site for a new crematorium. Some of these sites have been located within the Green Belt, so presenting a strong case has been crucial.

In fact, as a result of the work undertaken by CartoConsult, our clients recently obtained planning consent for a new crematorium in the Green Belt on the Edge of Derby. A great success all round!

Dave Rowe

Dave Rowe, Principle Developer, The Carto Group.

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Dave is an open data advocate, always looking to deliver as much value as possible from clients data.

Microsoft Certified in cloud Azure stacks, Dave is an awesome GIS Software Engineer that takes web GIS applications to the highest level.

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