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3D Walkthroughs for Residential Show Homes

Produce 3D Walkthroughs for various show homes to be used on property developments in and around Swindon for Hills Homes.


Executive Summary

The Carto Group were commissioned by Hills Homes, part of The Hills Group, to produce 3D Walkthroughs for a number of show homes on housing developments they were building in and around Swindon.

These were to be used, in combination with QR Codes, to allow prospective homeowners the chance to get a visual guide to the newly built properties.


Mark Tinson, Business Development Manager at Hills Homes said:

“One of the problems is when you walk into an estate agent, or you’ve seen a show home, once you’ve gone, the visual is gone too.

“Plus the site agents were concerned they were missing out on potential buyers when the show home wasn’t available or when the onsite office was closed.

“They estimate between 15 and 20 potential homeowners could have been visiting the site when the office was closed,” he added.


Although the use of 3d Walkthroughs is still in early stages within the property industry, Hills Homes is very pleased with the outcomes.

The 3D Walkthroughs have also proved popular with estate agents as they can use them as another selling tool and it enhances the offering they can give to clients.

Hills Homes also believe there are signs that people are using the QR codes – which are prominently displayed on site at the site office and in estate agents windows for the various developments – at times when the show home is closed.


The nature of the project meant the Carto Group had to be very responsive to Hills Homes needs because of the time frames involved. When a show home became ready, the Carto Group were then brought in to create the 3D Walkthroughs.

These were created by visiting the residential space with a 360 4k Camera which captures multiple overlapping images which are then seamlessly stitched together to create the walkthrough.

Using the latest in HDR 360 camera equipment ensures the project has high quality, interactive imagery. The 3D Walkthroughs frame the houses in good light and the packages can be altered and adapted depending on requirements.

Hills home 3d walkthrough
The Durrington – 3D walkthrough - click to view

“We’re very happy with the project outcome and with the service we get from TIm and The Carto Group. I knew Tim from before so introduced him to the Hills Group director for this project. They always understand our needs. They’re quick and very responsive and always try and find a way to do what we require. The QR codes are a case in point. We asked for them and The Carto Group found a solution very quickly which did exactly what we wanted.”

Mark Tinson – Business Development Manager, Hills Homes.

Dave Rowe

Dave Rowe, Principle Developer, The Carto Group.

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