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Hunterlodge Advertising – 3D maps for Pearson College University brochures.



Pearson is the world’s leading education company. From pre-school to high school, early learning to professional certification, our curriculum materials, multimedia learning tools and testing programmes help to educate millions of people worldwide – more than any other private enterprise.

After reading an article in the Evening Standard, Pearson contacted their advertising agency Hunterlodge in order to contact CartoConsult and seek our expertise in ‘3D Maps’. Hunterlodge are designing and editing a college brochure for Pearson’s London education centres, and the 3D Maps would give them an engaging way to communicate with prospective students and parents.


Sabina Lee, Account Manager, Hunterlodge, realised that they could not replicate this type of ‘3D Map’ using their traditional graphic design department. The 3D buildings in London were too complex and detailed and need specialised 3D design skills.

Sabina commissioned CartoConsult to create 3D maps for Shepherds Bush (a new build AOI) and Holborn that were visually stunning and at an engaging aerial angle.


To meet this challenge, CartoConsult had to 3D model the ‘new-build’ of Shepherds Bush from aerial imagery. The Holborn AOI was available ‘off-the-shelf’ from our smart 3D building library.

After importing the 3D buildings into our 3D design software, we were able to produce multiple high-res images from many different angles for the Hunterlodge team to discuss and approve the correct image for the brochure.

Having the ability to create multiple images at differing angles was a benefit to our client, ensuring they had covered all aspects before choosing the final images for print.


As a result of the work carried out by CartoConsult, Hunterlodge have been able to produce eye-catching and engaging graphics for the Pearson’s brochures.

This will support attracting the best possible students for the universities involved.

Dave Rowe

Dave Rowe, Principle Developer, The Carto Group.

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