GIS & BIM Software for the Infrastructure Professional

Carto3D™ is an immersive software framework for built environment projects. Used by architects, engineers, construction and planners, Carto3D™ provides a flexible 3D, AR and VR platform to deliver infrastructure projects.

Present your reality capture and surveying data like never before in a collaborative and open environment.

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Urban Planner

An easy to use cloud 3D software, that empowers urban developers with big data visualised in the ‘real world’.

View and analyse planning application information from Barbour ABI, Ordnance Survey digital mapping, environmental constraints data, transport information and much more at a click of a button within an immersive 3D environment. De-risk proposed master plans and buildings by viewing them in 3D amongst the existing built environment.

Improved communication with private and public stakeholders allows planning application acceptance time and assessment bottlenecks to be reduced.

Available directly through your internet browser, on a simple subscription model.

VR & AR Immersive Technology

A comprehensive, user friendly Location VR & AR solution that enables 3D visualisation of big data for urban development and asset management through wearable, smartphone and tablet technology. Carto3D™ AR is used by Architects, Engineers, Construction, Facilities & Asset Management experts across the globe to visualise the built environment and manage assets across whole cities.

Typical benefits include; the ability to view a proposed building in its surroundings and assess its impact in the real world, speeding up of planning applications through easy access to visualised and consolidated data sets and the provision of understandable and engaging stakeholder content. The system can also Identify and visualise utilities location and asset information without digging up the road and causing traffic congestion.

Carto3D™ AR is underpinned by reliable, smart city data, ensuring that the citizens and businesses in a development area have effective access to the latest information relevant to them, providing clear understanding and enabling them to make reliable and quick decisions.

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Bring your UAV reality capture into context with Carto3D™’ UAV, the virtual GIS globe for drone data capture experts. CartoConsult can convert your captured imagery to point clouds, create a 3D Mesh and expose alongside other GIS and BIM data that is stored within a Common Data Environment.

Measuring tools and interrogation tools allow you to package up your information to share easily with clients, directly through their internet browser.

View your data in 2D, 3D with the ability to overlay high resolution orthomosaics with GIS layers. Add your own annotations and Points of Interest live in the browser, display field photographs, video and voice clips. Bookmark camera views for specific locations to instantly fly to that location.

GIS editing tools and export functionality directly into predefined templates enhances reporting, or simply share your model on subscription to your client, white labelled as your company.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM is the process of delivering and operating built assets using well-structured digital information that all the necessary parties have access to.

It is a way of working, rather a physical object or an entity. CartoConsult provide BIM consultancy and services to the construction sector, including Carto3D™, our BIM Level 3 enabling webGIS software.

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