Castle Park View, verified views image

Novell Tullett:
Castle Park View Verified Views

Produce 15 Verified Views of Castle Park View, for Novell Tullett, Linkcity and Bristol City Council.

Novell Tullett

Executive Summary

CartoConsult were commissioned by Bristol based Landscape Architect, Novell Tullett, to produce 15 Verified Views for Linkcity (formerly Bouygues Development UK) and Bristol City Council.

These were to be used for the planning submission to redevelop a brownfield site within Bristol City Centre, Castle Park View.

Castle Park View, verified views image


Situated next to the Finzels Reach development and Castle Park, the brownfield site is one of Bristol’s most notorious eyesores and has had a chequered history.

CartoConsult’s Verified View production expertise was needed to show how the proposed high rise tower would look within the existing environment.


The result of this process was a stunningly accurate end product which you can see in the image below.

Multiple views were rendered and delivered to the client to reliably show what the visual impact of the proposed building will be for the planning application and stakeholder engagement activities.


CartoConsult are geospatial experts, and use the very latest in 3D survey, photography and 3D design software for modelling, animation and rendering of proposed buildings using location precision. This allows us to show what an architect’s proposed building will look like from multiple sensitive viewpoints identified by the client and stakeholder. The completed views are produced to the Landscape Institute and guidelines for Landscape Visual Impact Assessments to ensure compliance throughout the planning application process.

A surveyor was taken to site with an expert photographer to capture the multiple views within Bristol City Centre. The surveyors geospatial control points were then matched to the photographs through a camera matching exercise in the 3D rendering software and the architect’s 3D digital model, with materials, accurately positioned within the view.

Once positioning is complete, we added the correct vegetation landscaping and also the correct lighting for the time of year. For this particular project we had to plan to take the photography on a clear, blue sky day.

Castle Park View, verified views image
Castle Park View, Bristol.

“Tim and his team responded quickly and worked with us through a number of reworks as the height and other features of the building were evaluated before fixing on the final design. The team at TCG are always helpful and responsive; we know we can trust them to deliver on their small but key role in the overall delivery of our projects”

Jane Fowles – Managing Director, Novell Tullett.

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