Dukes Court Geospatial Model

Dukes Court, Skanska – intelligent geospatial model for project planning.



Skanska are one of the largest and fastest growing construction companies on the globe. With the London ‘City Boom’ set to continue, Skanska’s project growth will be huge. With growth, comes a set of challenges for the planning, bidding, logistics and construction of building projects.

To mitigate these challenges, Niall Kane, has been tasked with innovating the approach to projects using data and the latest technology trends.


Niall Kane. BIM & Digital Engineering Skanska challenged CartoConsult to begin building an ‘Intelligent Geospatial Model’ to aid the ‘work winning effort’ and planning process for Dukes Court.

Skanska needed to analyse multiple datasets, both GIS and non-GIS in order to compile reliable information on the target building to ensure a feature rich tender document that was both accurate and engaging.


To meet the challenge in front us, we began locating the Dukes Court building in London and creating an inventory of available data for the area. Undertaking this task, allowed us to understand what data we could source free of charge, what data needed to be purchased, and where the gaps were in our database for what would be a useful addition to the bidding team.

After sourcing multiple 2D and 3D datasets, we went about creating multiple maps in 2D and 3D to show the type of intelligent data we were able to source for the project.


The following maps and screenshots are the result of the above actions and will aid the bidding process. We ran a proximity analysis which tells Skanska what the distance is to critical features in the vicinity.

The end game will be to create a ‘living map’ that will be 2D & 3D and also fully interactive. We recommend that Skanska adopt the Cesiumjs platform as the end visualisation tool that is complimented by other GIS software or CartoConsult GIS consultancy.

Proximity Analysis

Feature Type     –     Distance (m)
Tree Canopy       –      24.68
Tree Centre       –      28.35
EA Flood Alert Areas     –    418.98
EA Flood Risk Areas     –    418.98
EA Flood Risk Areas (London)     –    0.00
EA National Flood Defences     –    1062.47
Listed Buildings       –      14.24
  (70-72 Jermyn Street, 11 Duke Street)

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